Dip Your Feet In Vinegar Once A Week, and You Will See How All Your Diseases Disappear

Vinegar isn’t just something we use in the kitchen, for cooking, cleaning or washing our clothes, it has a number of other benefits which can make your life much easier. In this article we’ll show you how to use vinegar for your feet and take advantage of all of its benefits.

We’re talking about apple cider vinegar to be precise and how this amazing product can help you protect yourself from a number of diseases. It can help you eliminate germs, bacteria and prevent infections. It can also help you heal calluses, by just soaking your feet in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and keeping them soaked for 45 minutes. You should then exfoliate your feet with a pumice stone and the calluses will soon fall off on their own, leaving behind a soft, gentle skin. If you’re interested, you should keep reading and find out more about this miraculous product :


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