Tighten Your Belly In Just 21 Days With The Plank Challenge

The plank challenge we present in this article will give you a flat stomach in just 3 weeks, yes all you need to do is accept the challenge and in 21 days your belly will be tight and stomach flat.

A six pack is something we all dream of and want to achieve, but we all know how hard it is to tone this body part. When we decide to work on our abs we usually believe that crunches are the best exercise, however, some exercises, even though they may look static, can be much more effective in toning your abdominal muscles.

We’re talking about the plank and its amazing efficiency when it comes to a flat stomach.

You may think the plank is a simple and easy exercise, but it will make you more tired than performing a 100 crunches a day. The plank works on your upper body part and the ‘corset muscles’ as professionals call them. It may look like a static exercise but once you try it you’ll see that it’s very challenging because it creates a tension in your muscles and gives you toned, tight muscles in no time.

This plank challenge, as we already mentioned, lasts for 21 days, and is consisted of different sets of exercises for each week :

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